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Goulburn Murray Water Irrigation and Channel Upgrades

The team at NECC have installed over 6.5km of HDPE Channel Lining for channel bed widths of up to 13m from 2013 to current. This work includes desilting and reforming the channel and construction of concrete sills to seal the HDPE lining into clay sections of the channel before rolling out the liner.

We have also carried out over 1.3km of Clay Channel Lining. This work includes compaction and placement of 1m thick Clay lining, including installation of rock armour. These works also include fencing and other associated works.

NECC have replaced over 140 Regulator structures along Goulburn Murray Water channels between 2013 and 2018. completing up to 35 regulators each season of all different types from adaptions to existing structures to large multi bay regulators with road crossings.

Works include construction of in-situ concrete headwalls and pits. Compaction of select clay around concrete structure, installation of geofabric & beaching, installation of the regulator frame and regulator itself ready for commissioning by Goulbourn Murray water.

All in-channel works are to be completed within a 2 month period over the Winter Shutdown period by 1st August, including inclement weather, to allow Goulburn Murray Water to turn water back on for farmers after the Winter Shutdown.

North East Civil Construction have installed a total of approximately 150 Electro Magnetic Flow meters to suit various sized 50mm to 700mm diameter pipe in the Murrumbidgee area in 2012-2013.

These meters were installed to improve the measurement of water extracted from the Murrumbidgee River. This project aims to generate water savings, improve the health of wetlands and increase farmer’s productivity by implementing new methods of water measurement, reducing time to predict and monitor flows.

These flow meters were installed using a range of different installation methods. Connections were made using gibaults, flanges, bends, electro-fusion welding and butt-welding, with pipes being installed underground or above ground.

NECC currently have a 3 year contract with Goulburn Murray Water for the installation of irrigation meters throughout the Northern Victorian area.

This project incorporates the replacement of existing irrigation outlets (predominantly dethridge wheels) with modernised meter solutions.